Heather began her adventures in belly dancing by signing up for a student class with hesitation back in
2013.  Raising 6 boys and 1 girl, Heather was looking for an activity to help destress from a busy family
life.  She had some experience with competitive square dancing as a teenager, but that was about it for
dance experience.  The style of fusion belly dance learned was so unique and modern that Heather
decided to keep up with it.  Teacher Nona makes everyone feel comfortable, welcomed, and continues to
inspire dancers to learn more! Heather quickly became addicted to learn all she can about this world!  
She signed up for multiple classes each week, performed at student haflas and hardly missed a beat!

Soon, Heather began stalking and supporting Jeweled Scarab Dance Company by cheering them on
through many shows at various locations.  The stars in her eyes grew so big!  She couldn’t contain her
excitement when invited to join the troupe back in 2016.  Heather became a part of a remarkable group
of women who continue to inspire and motivate one another under the leadership and guidance of Kiara
and Nona.  With all their wonderful support, Heather is pushing herself to perform solos and participate
in some healthy competitions; a duet category in Belly Dancer USA 2019, a duet and solo in La Danse
Orientale 2019 coming home with a proud 2nd place trophy for themed dance solo.  

Heather is inspired most by fusion style dance with an upbeat to make everyone smile and clap!  Still
struggling with stage fright, Heather wants to push herself to be more comfortable on stage and some
day have the courage to do live music and improv.  

“You dance love, and you dance joy, and you dance dreams. And I know if I can make you smile by jumping
over couches or running through a rainstorm, then I’ll be very glad to be a song and dance man.”    ~Gene
JSDC Professional Company Member
Jeweled Scarab
Dance Company