Amanda began exploring bellydance at age 27 with Empire of Medieval Pursuits (EMP).  In her first
group, she began learning American Tribal Style (ATS) bellydance.  Being a part of the EMP and Society
for Creative Anachronism (SCA) inspired Amanda to start dancing. Initially getting involved as a group
activity with friends, it turned into a passion she pursued on her own ... but dancing with friends are still
her best memories of dancing.

Amanda studied with EMP under Tayissa Chadwick for a year,  and then temporarily left dance. She
picked it back up with Fat Chance Belly Dance under Nancy Brown, continuing in American Tribal Style
(ATS) bellydance. Amanda danced and performed with Fat Chance for over a year, then moved to taking
classes with Jeweled Scarab Dance Company (JSDC) with Nona and Kiara. This was the beginning of her
transition to Egyptian Cabaret and Fusion styles.

Since starting her study of bellydance,  Amanda has danced at Nightmare On Yelm Street, Cues and
Tattoos, and various local events. In addition to dance, Amanda sings Karaoke on a regular basis and can
sometimes be seen reading her poetry out loud.

Amanda is a magpie for all different kinds of belly dance and likes to incorporate ATS, Cabaret, and
Fusion styles together. Her goal is to grow in Fusion and Cabaret. Amanda has been praised for her
talent at creating costume pieces, working within a group, and inspiring creativity in others.

“To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful … This is power, it is glory on
earth and it is yours for the taking.”     ~Agnes De Mille
JSDC Professional Company Member
Jeweled Scarab
Dance Company